6 Office Trends You Can Apply in Your Workspace

6 Office Trends You Can Apply in Your Workspace

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Gone are the days where employees suffer from boring workspace. Since the work is done in the office, the place should be conducive to productivity. It should be space that promotes movement throughout the day. Who doesn’t want to work in a constricted space right? A lot of companies are already making progress with their office design, but more awareness is still needed for others. If you’re still on the process of renovating your office, better call office fitout services Melbourne. To give you an idea, the following are the office trends you can apply in your workspace.  

1. Bring the Outdoors Inside 

Bringing the outdoors inside the office is one way of enticing the creativity of your employees. This trend became popular in 2016, where the concrete flooring is exposed, reclaimed wood panels are installed, and natural flora patterns are incorporated in the fabrics. This kind of trend also allow you to bring home in the office, which promotes more productivity since employees feel closer to home and nature.  

2. Wires as Part of the Interior Designs 

We are not entirely wireless yet, so you would expect cords and bundles of wires in the office. The desk can become disorganized because of the laptops, personal items, docking stations, files, and wires. Even if you buy an expensive desk or conference table, it will look disorganized if the wires are exposed. That’s why it’s important to find ways where you can conceal the wires. If you cannot tape it under or on the side of the desk, make it as part of the interior design.  

3. Multipurpose Workspaces 

The typical image of an office that comes to our minds is the cubicle. Employees are assigned in their cubicles where they do their work. The disadvantage in this is that it can become boring, so creativity is reduced. Invest in multipurpose working stations where it can become a space for casual breakout or a formal multimedia presentation. Furniture like an oval-shaped desk will allow more people to meet and converse with each other.  

4. Organize by Color 

Have you heard about color influencing your mood? It stands true even in office setting. If the work environment is organized with color, it will help the employees to become more colorful and organized too. Having colors in your office boosts productivity, happiness and creativity. These colors can be integrated in furniture and accessories.  

5. Assign Designated Lounge Areas 

Since we’re moving forward and becoming more creative with office designs, more and more companies create spaces that are the antithesis of rigid workstations. One of these integrations is assigning a dedicated lounge area where employees can meet and exchange creative ideas. This is made possible by the advanced technology where almost everything is wireless already.  

6. Mix of Different Materials 

Improved and advanced offices now make use of different textures and materials. It might be surprising to some, but it actually works. Doing such thing creates a workspace that influences the employees’ productivity and wellness.  


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